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Fall 2020 update on re-opening

“DANCING TOGETHER APART” is a film edited and arranged by Anja Sofia Churchill, celebrating our love of movement and our shared spirit of adaptation, flexibility and resilience. We thank all of you for sending in your “staying at home” video clips.

Given the Covid-19 situation and the cooperative nature and physical proximity children experience in our workshops, it is with a heavy heart that I have decided not to hold summer sessions.

I will be in touch with our 2020-2021 studio class schedule and calendar as guidelines become clearer and it is safe for all of us to return. I look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Be well, Jimena

2020-2021 class schedule and calendar coming soon

2019-2020 Calendar


Classes begin Monday 9, 2019

All classes in session


No classes Monday 14


No classes Monday 25 through Friday 29


No classes Monday 16 through Tuesday 31


No Classes Wednesday 1


No classes Monday 17 through Friday 21


No classes Monday 16 through Friday 20


No classes Monday 20 through Friday 24


Last classes held on Friday 8, 2020

Private lessons scheduled year round

Contact us for registration information, class schedule and summer workshop updates at